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Welcome to our Semantic Intelligence platform, idéevin, the next-generation analytics platform that provides knowledge from information. While traditional business intelligence and data analytics platforms focus on extracting insights and information from data, our platform takes it a step further by extracting knowledge and meaning from data.

Whether you're looking to gain insights into customer behaviour, optimize business processes, or gain a competitive edge in your industry, our Semantic Intelligence platform can help. Our platform is designed to be easy to use and customizable, allowing organizations of all sizes and industries to gain valuable insights from their data. In summary, our Semantic Intelligence platform is the next-generation analytics platform that goes beyond traditional business intelligence and data analytics to provide knowledge from information. With our platform, organizations can unlock the full potential of their data and gain deep insights into their business processes, customers, and industry. Contact us today to learn more about our platform and how it can help your organization thrive.

Entiovi is a Semantic Intelligence Platform that uses NLP and ML to extract insights from structured and unstructured data. Its technical architecture consists of data collection and integration, data cleansing and enrichment, NLP engine, ML engine, analytics and visualization, and data storage layers.

The Entiovi Semantic Intelligence Platform uses advanced analytics techniques to generate insights and knowledge from the knowledge graph. The platform uses natural language processing, machine learning, and graph algorithms to analyze the data and generate valuable insights.

The Entiovi Semantic Intelligence Platform takes security and privacy seriously. The platform uses state-of-the-art security features to ensure that data is protected at all times.

Entiovi uses NLP to understand the meaning behind words and phrases in a human-like way. This allows it to interpret and analyze data with a higher level of accuracy and relevance than traditional analytics tools.

Entiovi uses ML algorithms to identify patterns and relationships in data. These algorithms are trained on large amounts of data, enabling them to continually improve their analysis capabilities over time.

Some components of a Semantic Intelligence platform:
Data integration

The platform should be able to integrate data from various sources such as databases, APIs, and data lakes, and convert it into a common format for analysis. This includes semantic annotation and normalization of data.

Knowledge graph

A knowledge graph is a network of concepts and relationships between them, which can be used to model real-world entities and their attributes. The platform should be able to create and maintain a knowledge graph that represents the domain of interest.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The platform should be able to process text data, extract entities and relationships, and apply semantic rules to derive insights. This includes techniques such as named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling.

Machine learning

The platform should be able to apply machine learning algorithms to identify patterns in data and make predictions. This includes techniques such as classification, regression, clustering, and anomaly detection.

Ontology management

The platform should have an ontology management system that allows users to define and manage domain-specific ontologies. This includes tools for creating, editing, and validating ontologies, as well as tools for aligning ontologies with each other.

Semantic search

The platform should be able to provide users with the ability to search for information based on meaning rather than just keywords. This includes techniques such as semantic similarity matching, faceted search, and query expansion.


The platform should be able to present insights in a meaningful and intuitive way, using visualizations such as graphs, charts, and maps. This includes tools for creating custom visualizations and integrating with third-party visualization libraries.

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