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Intelligent Multi-Modal Transport Platform for Smart Cities and Commuters
The Intelligent Multi-Modal Transport Platform is an innovative transport framework built for Smart Cities, Transport Departments, Commuters, and Transport Aggregators. The platform offers a range of services to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the transport system while reducing traffic congestion and improving the commuting experience for passengers.
Multi-modal Transport Planning, Monitoring, and Control
The platform’s multi-modal transport planning, monitoring, and control features provide real-time data collection using onboard GPS devices, POS, in-vehicle sensor data, and other advanced technologies. The system collects data from different modes of transport, including buses, taxis, and trains, and uses advanced analytics to optimize routes and rationalize transport schedules to ensure better connectivity and coverage.
Citizen Connect & Engagement
The platform’s Citizen Connect & Engagement module enables commuters to plan their trips conveniently with e-ticketing services, including mobile apps for drivers and commuters, passenger information systems, online booking, and more. The module also enables passengers to receive real-time updates on their transport options, including arrivals and departures, delays, and cancellations, ensuring a hassle-free commuting experience.
Travel Demand / Supply Management
The platform’s Travel Demand/Supply Management feature analyzes travel demand data and matches it with supply-side transport capacity. This helps optimize the transport network and reduce congestion by adjusting supply to match demand in real-time. The feature also provides insights into commuter travel patterns and preferences, enabling transport agencies and service providers to tailor their services to meet changing needs and demands.
Reduce Traffic Congestion
The platform’s traffic congestion reduction module is built on advanced data analytics, monitoring, and control features that provide real-time traffic information and alerts. The module enables traffic managers to monitor traffic flow and congestion, and to take timely actions to optimize traffic flow, manage traffic incidents, and reduce congestion in high-traffic areas.
Analytics-driven Smart Transport Framework
The platform is an analytics-driven smart transport framework that leverages advanced technologies such as machine learning, AI, and big data analytics to deliver real-time data analysis, transport planning, and stakeholder engagement and management. The platform’s data analysis and modeling features enable transport agencies to identify and address transport inefficiencies, optimize routes, and reduce travel times. The platform also offers advanced stakeholder engagement and management features that enable transport providers to engage with their customers and stakeholders effectively. The platform’s mobile apps, passenger information systems, and online booking features provide seamless communication between passengers, transport operators, and service providers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transport experience for everyone. In conclusion, the Intelligent Multi-Modal Transport Platform is a comprehensive, analytics-driven, and citizen-centric transport framework that offers a range of innovative features to enhance transport efficiency, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the commuting experience for passengers. The platform is designed to benefit Smart Cities, Transport Departments, Commuters, and Transport Aggregators, and is the ideal solution for any organization looking to optimize their transport services and improve their transport network.

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