IoT Solutions

We provide IoT consulting and deliver E2E custom-build IoT solutions to suit your needs. Based on your requirements, we can evaluate what kind of solution will fit you best- in terms of functionality, operability, maintainability, connectivity, power budget etc.

Many IoT solutions are constrained by device options, eg. communication options, sensor attachments, cost for features you don’t need etc. But our devices are indigenously built based on your requirements- so you are free to choose physical and logical features.

Next comes the firmware- we write the device-side logic on our own. This allows us better control and give you tailor-made functionality.

You may just collect sensor data across locations and send to a central server; create event based email/SMS alerts: say when a vehicle goes outside a geo-boundary; actuate nearby controls: switch-off a pump if dry run is detected; or do something at location-A when something happened at location-B: generate an invoice at HO when 100 unit of current is consumed at edge.

We are developing a device-agnostic cloud IoT platform that can easily integrate to ours or any other 3rd party device/server and communicate using API’s. You can build a dashboard in minutes and start getting insides in no time.

We top it up with finest analytics, which we have been doing for long, to gather insides. Nothing can give you quality data as good as IoT device’s. It is good time series data, without human adulteration, and need minimum or no cleansing before getting into real analytics.

So we are a 1-stop shop for all your IoT needs- End-to-End.

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